Close to Home - Cara Hunter

Close to Home

Author: Cara Hunter

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Welcome to the exciting world of Close to Home, a book that will transport you to different worlds, eras and emotions. In its pages you will find unforgettable adventures, endearing characters and lessons that will invite you to reflect on life and human nature. Whether you are a lover of literature, a curious person eager for knowledge, or a child in search of new stories, Close to Home has something special for you. Immerse yourself in its pages and let yourself be carried away by the magic of reading, because with Close to Home, the world never stops surprising us.


Someone took Daisy Mason . . .
Someone you know.


'The last twist was a genuine stroke of genius' John Marrs
'A mazey, gripping read' Ian Rankin
'Compulsive' Emma Kavanagh

Last night, eight-year-old Daisy Mason disappeared from a family party. No one in the quiet suburban street saw anything - or at least that's what they're saying.

DI Adam Fawley is trying to keep an open mind. But he knows the nine times out of ten, it's someone the victim knew.

That means someone is lying...
And that Daisy's time is running out.

The first twisty, up-all-night thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling Cara Hunter. For fans of Shari Lapena, Claire Douglas and Lisa Jewell.


Authors can't get enough of Close to Home

'One of the
best crime thrillers I have ever read' Kathryn Croft, The Lying Wife

'Cancel everything. You're not going anywhere until you finish' Emily Koch, Keep Him Close

'Classy, agile, fresh, unpredictable and utterly compelling' Nicci French, The Unheard

'Cara Hunter is the new queen of the cliffhanger' John Marrs, What Lies Between

'A real gripper of a read'
Peter James, Left You Dead

'Clever and wonderfully complex!' Jane Corry, The Lies We Tell

'I finished Close to Home in one sitting!' Nuala Ellwood, The Perfect Life

And readers are loving this series, too

ll hail the new queen of all things crime' Penny, Netgalley

'Mind-bending brilliance' Kath, Netgalley

'Packed full of twists' Gary, Netgalley

'Definitely for fans of Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter and the like' Fiona, Netgalley

'Captivating: full of mystery, tension, moral dilemma . . . outstanding' Peter, Netgalley

'This series just gets better and better' Tina, Netgalley


  • Page turner

    Autor: MrsCATR
    I read the whole book in a day and a half. It was riveting
  • Colour me impressed

    Autor: neaongamer
    Even tho the ending was a bit like “really?” I liked it a lot. Can’t believe I read through it so quickly. I would have liked a few little nudges in between where you could spin your own little story in your head and find out in the end if you were right or not but there was literally none! But it was a great little read and I’m glad the parents got what they deserved even tho they didn’t actually deserve it. But they did. It does leave quite a few questions tho. Oh, one I just answered myself! Sorry, it’s late and I’m waffling but I really liked this story and how it’s build!
  • Great read

    Autor: Lancs hotpot
    Fairly good plot twists and turns in every chapter.
  • Rolled along nicely

    Autor: dinga313
    An easy book to read, lots of twists and turns as there is really in any real life investigation, a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. It was like a decent roller coaster, not necessarily white knuckle but an annoyance exciting ride.
  • Woah

    Autor: Blonde_Lizzy_90
    I have to say I found the first few pages difficult to get into but once I got past that I couldn’t put it down, read this book in a day and very excited to move onto the next book... I knew there was more to the story!
  • Gripping

    Autor: Jackie666
    Brilliant. Couldn’t put it down!!

    Autor: Dereny
  • Good book

    Autor: Rghrgh97
    Really enjoyed this, felt like it left you guessing and questions all the time but tied up lose ends nicely by the end! Didn’t like the Twitter / news aspect of it though, but don’t know if that’s just me. Read to escape social media and it’s put me off reading the second one, for now.
  • Amazing read!!

    Autor: Sammidds
    This is the first time I have read this author’s work but my word what a gripping story! I couldn’t put it down. I spent the entire time constantly changing my mind about who did it but surprise at the end wasn’t predicted once! At the same time there were sad but true psychological effects of events that happen to someone as a child that stay with you into adulthood. I’m moving straight onto the other books in the series. Please read it. You will not be disappointed.
  • Bit boring

    Autor: jennag10023
    This book was okay, but I couldn’t recommend it to anyone
  • Cctv

    Autor: pjones007
  • Close to home

    Autor: veramcq73
    Great read could not stop reading
  • Not an easy read

    Autor: Sjhjul
    Too many characters as per with her books, quite difficult to follow the different officers
  • Brilliant

    Autor: Bish Bash Bosh 01
    Fantastic read! I couldn’t put the book down or wait to turn the page.
  • Absolutely Amazing!

    Autor: Beccajade
    Couldn’t put it down!! Read it all in one! So gripping and written beautiful! Loved it!
  • Poor

    Autor: Maisierp
    Really disappointed with this read. So many twists and turns leading to absolutely nowhere.
  • Not impressed

    Autor: NK-94
    My main issue with the book was the awful portrayal of the Muslim ‘characters’. As an author who happens to be a white woman, you have both the platform and the opportunity to change the way Muslims and people of colour are portrayed in mainstream media. Yet the author decided to portray the Muslims in her book, as suspects and a family who’s men have recently been jailed for running a child grooming ring targeted at ‘white girls’ and who’s remaining male son gets arrested for selling drugs. To illustrate the ridiculousness of the portrayal, here is a direct quote of the only speaking line the son has in the book: ‘I told you man. W*nkers like him. Dey only care about demselves’. This is only character who’s lines are written with an accent. The family lives in absolute squalor, with the women portrayed as weak, defenceless and trapped. I’m just incredibly disappointed that when a white author decides to write in a ‘diverse’ character, instead of changing the narrative and portraying the character in a positive light, she goes down the stereotypical and frankly racist route. I wish I could return this book, and I won’t be reading anymore books from this author.
  • Closer to Home

    Autor: RuthieW27
    It took me a while to get into this book, it wasn’t an instant paper turner. Yet, one evening, the story gripped me and couldn’t put the book down until I’d it. It kind of messed with my sleep that night.... I think it was worth it.
  • Compelling Read

    Autor: jonesricj
    I was hooked. I don’t read a lot but found the story line kept moving and me thinking. I’ve found another writer to follow.
  • Absolutely brilliant!

    Autor: GromitandMonty
    ....I really really didn’t see that one coming! Read it in less than a turner does not even start to describe the anticipation of what I’ll happen next and how it will weave into the plot. When can I get the next book by Cara Hunter?!
  • Fantastic

    Autor: Sazzz saz
    Gripping beyond belief, such a well written book, the ending is nothing I imagined in my head whilst reading! Would highly recommend to others!
  • Close to home

    Autor: ScouseNikkie
    I really wanted to like this book but found it a bit boring. I didnt like how twitter feed and news flashes was brought into the storyline throughout the book.
  • Close to home

    Autor: Kittenzz10
    Didn’t take long to get into this book at first I thought it was going to be a big lame, how wrong was I! Once you’re gripped you can’t put it down. Great story line the twists keep coming right to the end. Highly recommend.
  • The plot was interesting enough to keep me going

    Autor: Vashma
    The quality of the writing however is terrible. I was also pretty irritated by a few sexist remarks made in the book, like the protagonist’s shock at a care worker being male, but then realising that this was a “good thing” as he could then speak to his client about football. It’s a beach read at best. Nothing more.
  • Couldn’t put it down

    Autor: Jodielou92
    I read the whole book in a day! Didn’t stop for a break... It was gripping, was chuffed at the end when I realised I had sussed it... very good twist!
  • What a plot

    Autor: Ronmet1
    This is a good book with a hell of a twist. Highly recommended
  • Close to home

    Autor: misskkenny
    Amazing read...guessing to the very very end 👌
  • Close To Home.

    Autor: Puds.
    A very enjoyable read, good pace with a nasty unexpected twist at the end.
  • Brilliant book

    Autor: jimmysmuma
    Gripping, tense & enjoyable. I couldn’t put this book down. Thumbs up
  • Very good read.

    Autor: North CourtInvestigation
    A really good read, very well thought out story.