Binding 13 - Chloe Walsh

Binding 13

Author: Chloe Walsh

  • Release Date: 2023-05-18
  • Genre: Romance
Puntuación: 4.5
De 118 Valoraciones

In the vast and diverse library of Binding 13, we find a book that invites us to immerse ourselves in a world full of emotions, adventures and wisdom. This book is a treasure that transports us to distant places, allows us to meet fascinating characters and gives us the opportunity to reflect on deep and philosophical topics. Through its pages, we discover the magic of literature and the power of imagination, letting ourselves be enveloped by the beauty of the words and the creativity of its author. Binding 13 invites us to enjoy a unique and enriching experience, where each page surprises us and teaches us something new. It is a book that we cannot stop reading, because in it we will find the inspiration and entertainment that we seek in each story that is presented to us.


An epic and unforgettable love story begins in Binding 13, the first in the international bestselling and TikTok-phenomenon The Boys of Tommen series, from Chloe Walsh.

The power and pain of first love has never been more deeply felt than in Chloe Walsh's extraordinary stories about the irresistible Boys of Tommen, which will give you the ultimate book hangover.

The reader reaction to The Boys of Tommen says it all!

'This universe is all consuming. Chloe Walsh has some serious talent'
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'If you're looking for a beautifully written, heart wrenching, hilarious book . . . and want one hell of a book hangover, then do yourself a favour and read these pronto'
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'To say I loved this book is an understatement, It has ripped my guts out shattered my heart had me biting my nails with anticipation and bawling like a baby all in one phenomenal read'
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'I adore this world & the found family this series has brought into my life and I don't know what I was before I read this'
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'Chloe Walsh will always be my number one author'
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They are from opposites sides of the track - but when their two worlds collide, nothing will ever be the same again.

Johnny Kavanagh has everything going for him. On the rugby pitch, he's a force to be reckoned with. Primed for stardom, he's heading straight for the top. Nothing can possibly get in his way, right? Not even the shy new girl at Tommen College. The one with the sad eyes and hidden bruises. The one that distracts him like no one ever has.

Life has never been easy for Shannon Lynch. Bullied and tortured, she arrives at Tommen College mid-way through the school year praying for a fresh start and desperate to shake off the demons that plague her. On her very first day at the prestigious private school, she comes into contact with the notorious Johnny Kavanagh. Thrown through a hoop over her feelings for him, and desperate to keep a low-profile, Shannon finds herself once again the target of bullies as she forms a fragile alliance with rugby's rising star.

Falling into a complicated friendship and grappling with their undeniable chemistry, Johnny and Shannon could never have foreseen the obstacles that will threaten their blossoming relationship . . .


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  • Wish I could give it 0 stars.

    Autor: zei.ii
  • Amazing

    Autor: Tatiana.B.
    Just amazing. I have cried so much, laughed, lived with the characters and didn’t want this book to ever finish. Ready for the next one and I feel like no other book will ever come close to being this good 😭 this book/series is one of the best ever cannot compare it to anything, simply brilliant
  • A must read

    Autor: Sarahcoulthard
    A hard hitting, but beautiful must read.
  • 👍

    Autor: phoebebott
    Definitely worth the read