The Cartographer Collection - Craig Gaydas

The Cartographer Collection

Author: Craig Gaydas

In The Cartographer Collection, we enter a magical and surprising world, where each page transports us to unimaginable places and invites us to daydream. Whether we are looking to learn something new, immerse ourselves in an exciting story of love and adventure, or explore the mysteries of the universe, this book offers us the opportunity to discover and enjoy all kinds of emotions and knowledge. With fascinating characters, impressive settings and deep reflections, The Cartographer Collection is a work that invites us to open our minds and hearts, and reminds us that in reading we can find answers, inspiration and unlimited entertainment. Dare to immerse yourself in the pages of The Cartographer Collection and let yourself be carried away by its magic and transformative power!


All three books in 'The Cartographer', a series of science fiction novels by Craig Gaydas, now available in one volume!

The Cartographer: While exploring a cave, Nathan runs into Science Officer Satou and is taken on a wild adventure across the galaxy. After meeting the Consortium - an intergalactic league of explorers - he learns about the ancient Universal Map. When Nathan accidentally unlocks the map, he triggers a series of events that endangers Earth and the very fabric of their universe.

Reborn: Nathan Chambers finds himself in the middle of a war that threatens the survival of humanity and the entire universe. With the help of the intergalactic Consortium and the Twelve Timeless, he must fight on two fronts to prevent history from repeating itself. Nathan must transform from a naive teenager to a true defender if he hopes to save humanity from destruction.

Timeless: The Consortium is in chaos, and the Insurgents are struggling for survival. The Twelve Timeless, an ancient collective, aid Nathan and his allies, but their help may not be enough. Nathan is also losing a part of himself with each death of those close to him. Can he find the strength to save the universe and himself, or will he succumb to darkness?


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