How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't - Ian Dunt

How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't

Author: Ian Dunt

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In How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't hides a world full of adventures, emotions and teachings for all readers. A story that transports you to unknown places, endearing characters and unexpected situations that awaken curiosity and imagination. From the pages of How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't you can learn, reflect and dream, allowing each reader to find a special connection with the story that will accompany them throughout the reading. A book that invites you to immerse yourself in its pages and let yourself be carried away by the emotions that its paragraphs awaken, becoming an enriching and exciting experience for anyone who ventures to discover what How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't has in store to offer.



British politics is broken.

Anyone sitting down to watch the news will get the sense that something has gone terribly wrong. We have prime ministers who detonate the economy, secretaries of state who are intellectually incapable of doing the job and MPs who seem temperamentally unsuited to the role. Expertise is denigrated. Lies are rewarded. And deep-seated, long-lasting national problems go permanently unresolved. Most of us have a sense that the system doesn't work, but we struggle to articulate exactly why. Our political and financial system is cloaked in secrecy, archaic terminology, ancient custom and impenetrable technical jargon.

Lifting the lid on British politics, How Westminster Works . . . and Why It Doesn't exposes every aspect of the system in a way that can be understood and challenged, from the heights of Downing Street to the depths of the nation's newsrooms, from the hallways of the civil service to the green benches of the Commons.

Based on interviews with some of the leading voices in politics, from former occupants of No.10 to key figures in Whitehall, Westminster and Fleet Street, Ian Dunt provides exactly what people in power have always tried to avoid: a full description of the mechanisms of British government. And a vision of how we can fix it.


  • How Westminster Works…and Why It Doesn’t

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    An objective and non-partisan review, illustrated with contemporary examples and historical insights. A must-read for anyone interested in how our democracy functions (inefficiently), and with serious ideas for improvement.