The Trial - Jo Spain

The Trial

Author: Jo Spain

In the vast universe of literature, The Trial stands as a beacon of wisdom and entertainment for those avid readers who seek to immerse themselves in unknown worlds and live limitless adventures. From the pages of this book, the imagination awakens and becomes a faithful companion of those who immerse themselves in its words, transporting them to distant places and past times. With each chapter, The Trial awakens deep emotions and reflections, inviting the reader to question his own being and explore the most hidden corners of his mind. Whether to learn, to dream or simply to escape reality for a moment, The Trial promises to be an unforgettable journey full of surprises and learnings. Get ready to let yourself be carried away by the magic of literature and discover a new world through its pages!


'Jo Spain is a sublime storyteller . . . this is a book you won't want to put down' JANE CASEY

2014, Dublin:
at St Edmunds, an elite college on the outskirts of the city, twenty-year-old medical student Theo gets up one morning, leaving behind his sleeping girlfriend, Dani, and his studies - never to be seen again. With too many unanswered questions, Dani simply can't accept Theo's disappearance and reports him missing, even though no one else seems concerned, including Theo's father.

Ten years later, Dani returns to the college as a history professor. With her mother suffering from severe dementia, and her past at St Edmunds still haunting her, she's trying for a new start. But not all is as it seems behind the cloistered college walls - meanwhile, Dani is hiding secrets of her own.

'A first-class high-stakes thriller' CAZ FREAR

'Full of intrigue' PRIMA


'Jo Spain never disappoints' Chris Whitaker

'A very addictive read' 5* reader review

'Compelling, enthralling and entertaining' Liz Nugent

'Wow! What did I just read? This is stupendous' 5* reader review

'Jo Spain at her brilliant best: non-stop tension, clever twists and turns, and nothing is ever as it seems' Andrea Mara

'I love Jo Spain's novels!' 5* reader review

'So vivid, atmospheric and chilling' Claire Douglas

'Jo Spain keeps you entertained with plenty of twists and turns' 5* reader review

'The queen of the corkscrew plot' Sunday Times Crime Club


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