Reckless - Lauren Roberts


Author: Lauren Roberts

"In this fascinating book Reckless, readers will find an exciting story full of colorful characters and unforgettable situations. From the opening pages, they will be transported to a world full of magic and adventure, where each twist of the plot will keep them in suspense until the exciting ending. With seductive prose and immersive narrative, this work promises to be an unforgettable read that will leave readers wanting more. Whether you prefer romance, fantasy, science fiction or intrigue, Reckless has something for everyone "Get ready to immerse yourself in a universe of unlimited possibilities and live unforgettable experiences with your favorite characters!"


Paedyn and Kai battle with duty and desire in this highly anticipated second installment in the sizzling and epic romantic fantasy trilogy that’s packed with spicy tension and edge-of-your-seat betrayal.

The kingdom of Ilya is in turmoil…

After surviving the Purging Trials, Ordinary-born Paedyn Gray has killed the King and kickstarted a Resistance throughout the land. Now she’s running from the one person she had wanted to run to.

Kai Azer is now Ilya’s Enforcer, loyal to his brother Kitt, the new King. He has vowed to find Paedyn and bring her to justice.

Across the deadly Scorches, and deep into the hostile city of Dor, Kai pursues the one person he wishes he didn’t have to. But in a city without Elites, the balance between the hunter and hunted shifts—and the battle between duty and desire is deadly.


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