We Used to Live Here - Marcus Kliewer

We Used to Live Here

Author: Marcus Kliewer

In the exciting world of literature there is a book that stands out above the rest, We Used to Live Here, a work that captivates from the first page and does not let go of the reader until it reaches its shocking end. With exceptionally constructed characters and an intriguing plot, this book invites you to immerse yourself in a universe full of emotions, adventures and teachings. We Used to Live Here is a literary journey that promises to make you laugh, cry, reflect and dream, becoming an unforgettable experience for readers of all ages and tastes. Don't miss the opportunity to discover everything We Used to Live Here has to offer you!


Get Out meets Parasite in this eerily haunting debut and Reddit hit—soon to be a Netflix original movie starring Blake Lively—about two homeowners whose lives are turned upside down when the house’s previous residents unexpectedly visit.

As a young, queer couple who flip houses, Charlie and Eve can’t believe the killer deal they’ve just gotten on an old house in a picturesque neighborhood. As they’re working in the house one day, there’s a knock on the door. A man stands there with his family, claiming to have lived there years before and asking if it would be alright if he showed his kids around. People pleaser to a fault, Eve lets them in.

As soon as the strangers enter their home, uncanny and inexplicable things start happening, including the family’s youngest child going missing and a ghostly presence materializing in the basement. Even more weird, the family can’t seem to take the hint that their visit should be over. And when Charlie suddenly vanishes, Eve slowly loses her grip on reality. Something is terribly wrong with the house and with the visiting family—or is Eve just imagining things?


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