Loyalty - Martina Cole & Jacqui Rose


Author: Martina Cole - Jacqui Rose

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In the vast world of literature, Loyalty stands out as a work that captivates the reader from the first page. With an immersive narrative that transports you to extraordinary places, unforgettable characters and exciting situations, this book offers a unique and enriching reading experience. Whether it's a thrilling suspense novel, a beloved children's story, a detailed technical book, or a profound treatise on philosophy, Loyalty offers something for every type of reader. With its ability to inspire, excite and entertain, this book becomes a fundamental piece in the library of any reading lover. Immerse yourself in the pages of Loyalty and let yourself be carried away by its literary magic.


'The Queen of Crime is back!' Closer

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If you want to survive in this world, there's one thing you should value above all else: LOYALTY.

Dara Tailor has had to grow up fast. With a mother addicted to cocaine, Dara must look after her seven younger siblings, until social services split them up for ever.

Grace Perry has led a sheltered life. Until her widowed mother is attacked and left for dead and Grace is taken into care.

At Holly Brookes Children's Home, the two girls unite in the face of horrific abuse and form an unbreakable bond of loyalty.

But when their loyalty is tested can they rely on each other to do the right thing?

Friendship - it's all about trust.

Don't miss the explosive new novel from the queen of crime Martina Cole.

'She's a total one-off' Guardian

'The stuff of legend . . . utterly compelling' Mirror

'Superstar crime writer' This Morning

'The undisputed Queen of crime writing' Erwin James

'Her gripping plots pack a mean emotional punch' Mail on Sunday

'One of the best fiction authors around . . . spectacular' Closer

'Dark and dangerous' Sunday Mirror

Due to health reasons, Martina Cole has chosen to collaborate with writer Jacqui Rose to finish her upcoming novel Loyalty.


  • Loyalty - a gripping read

    Autor: flossietom
    I absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down! It was a harrowing and emotional read, brutal in places, a story of friendship & survival.... I loved it x
  • Loyalty

    Autor: Millie and mike
  • Another great book

    Autor: DJP1983
    I always get hooked on books by Martina, but this one was something else. I could not stop reading it. I’m already looking forward to the next one.
  • Below expectations

    Autor: readeratknottend
    Absolute rubbish, not what I expect from martina, childish and predictable suitable for younger teenagers but with adult language
  • .

    Autor: Terry cat
    Well worth the wait x thank you