You Belong with Me - Mhairi McFarlane

You Belong with Me

Author: Mhairi McFarlane

Discover the magic that You Belong with Me contains, a book that will transport you to unimaginable worlds and allow you to live unforgettable adventures. With endearing characters and exciting situations that will keep you in suspense until the last page, this book is perfect for readers of all ages looking for an enriching read full of surprises. Immerse yourself in its pages and let yourself be carried away by the emotion, fantasy and wisdom that You Belong with Me has to offer you. You won't regret opening its pages and letting its story captivate you!


She found The One. But when everyone wants him, can she keep him?

When there’s a ring on her doorbell on Christmas Day, there’s only one person Edie Thompson wants it to be. The person who’s still in her heart. The person who just might be The One.

She and Elliot Owen called it quits once before – but aren’t they too good together not to try? And here he is – offering her everything she dreamed of.

But dating Elliot, an actor, is anything but plain sailing. Being an ocean apart and followed by the press is one thing, but when Edie’s friends and Elliot’s family are drawn in, things get messy. Then her boss hires a friendly face in the form of Declan Dunne, who’s there for her when times are tough, and Edie starts to wonder . . . are she and Elliot a fairytale come true – or a cautionary fable about getting what you wish for?



'A light hearted tale of romance with a generous dose of comedy and a splash of drama. I can’t wait to read more by Mhairi McFarlane and I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that there is a sequel to Who’s That Girl?’ Reader review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

'I absolutely loved the central romance in this story . . . if she does plan a sequel then I’ll certainly be pre-ordering' Reader review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

'I read this till midnight as I couldn't make myself stop . . . I really wish there was sequel to it. I wish was a movie' Reader review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Praise for Mhairi:

‘Everything you want from a rom com and satisfyingly knotty with proper, recognisable characters. She just gets better and better’ JOJO MOYES

‘I LOVE her books PASSIONATELY and this is her best yet’ MARIAN KEYES

‘She’s so ridiculously talented . . . consider this recommendation my personal gift to you and your life’ EMILY HENRY

‘An effortlessly brilliant read’ GIOVANNA FLETCHER

‘No one writes such wry, emotionally complex romantic fiction as Mhairi McFarlane’ RED

‘The perfect balance of romcom and drama’ GRAZIA

About the author

Sunday Times bestselling author Mhairi McFarlane was born in Scotland in 1976 and her unnecessarily confusing name is pronounced Vah-Ree.

After some efforts at journalism, she started writing novels and her first book, You Had Me At Hello, was an instant success. She’s now working on her tenth book and lives in Nottingham.


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