The Last Devil To Die - Richard Osman

The Last Devil To Die

Author: Richard Osman

Puntuación: 4.5
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In The Last Devil To Die, we enter a world full of adventures, emotions and learning. With characters as diverse as they are exciting, this book invites us to immerse ourselves in stories that will transport us to incredible places and make us live unforgettable experiences. Whether we are looking to entertain ourselves, reflect, or simply enjoy a moment of reading, The Last Devil To Die has something for everyone. Through its pages, we will discover new worlds, emotions and perspectives that will enrich us and invite us to explore the unknown. Immerse yourself in The Last Devil To Die and let yourself be carried away by the magic of literature.




‘The rightful king of crime’ i News
'Deeply moving... some of his best writing yet' Telegraph

Shocking news reaches the Thursday Murder Club.

An old friend in the antiques business has been killed, and a dangerous package he was protecting has gone missing.

As the gang springs into action they encounter art forgers, online fraudsters and drug dealers, as well as heartache close to home.

With the body count rising, the package still missing and trouble firmly on their tail, has their luck finally run out? And who will be the last devil to die?


'As charming and funny as always but SO MOVING' Marian Keyes


  • Great

    Autor: mbf85
    Keeps you guessing all the way to the end which I like
  • Brilliant!

    Autor: lulle-bell
    Each book in this series gets better and better. I love the characters- can’t wait to see what they get up to next time!
  • Fabulous as ever….

    Autor: JulieR73
    Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron never disappoint. A murder mystery that keeps you guessing, rolled up with friendship, love and humour. Warning though, this one covers loss and grief, a tear or two were shed in the reading! Bravo Richard! I can’t wait for your next instalment.
  • Still great fun

    Autor: Sensayuma
    Lovely interactions, innovate and sometimes poignant
  • Just excellent

    Autor: daddyjam71
    These books are a highlight of my year, I love everything about them!
  • Just as it should be.

    Autor: localitamonte
    If you have enjoyed the last Murders this also has clever twists and turns.
  • They get better and better

    Autor: cacotty
    I’m in awe of mr osman if I’m honest, this series is so special and exceptionally well written. I devoured this book, it made me laugh, cry and then laugh again. Such moving subjects written beautifully. I adore the Thursday murder club, and only hope there are many more to come.
  • A bit like tarmac.

    Autor: Thameous
    I think I have worked out where Fairhaven might be but it is in East Sussex. The story was great lots of unrelated deaths, relating to Class A drugs in a strange box, the tarmac road winds this way and that until it reaches the beginning again, like the road from hell with it’s devil looking after it. Moving stuff about dementia, there would be it’s set in an older person’s estate.
  • Another right rollicking read

    Autor: Zip user 1967
    Great to be in the midst of old friends again, doing what they do best, can’t wait for the next one
  • Page swiper

    Autor: Snoopymann
    Loved it as always! Just enough unanswered questions to keep you hooked. Completed in 2 days.
  • Superb as always

    Autor: thewanderingcoyote
    This isn’t high brow literature that people will fawn over in a hundred years time, but like his other novels, it’s wonderful. The dialogue in particular is a delight and genuinely funny and moving, sometimes at the same time. In reality, he writes the books you wish you could.
  • Brilliant

    Autor: carphology
    The books by Richard Osman get better with each one. As an ‘old person’ myself I found the sensitivity of the writing about dementia very moving. I look forward keenly to whatever his next book offers us.
  • Faulty download

    Autor: brenda4271717171
  • Brilliant

    Autor: Jackie666
    Just brilliant. Witty, clever, interesting, absorbing, addictive.
  • I cried

    Autor: RJOB Cov
    I really love these books and the interesting and lovable characters but this exceeded my expectations. I will not spoil it for anyone but mum is I’ll like Stephen - but worse and several times I had no option but to put the book down for a while. Thank you Mr Osman.
  • Another cracker

    Autor: GarySmith250
    Another great story from Richard, loved all the characters no secrets given away. Cannot wait for the next instalment.
  • Loved this book from start to finish!

    Autor: Mainstreetusa123
    Absolutely loved this book, made me laugh, made me cry. Unputdownable, can’t wait for the next one!