When the Moon Hatched - Sarah A. Parker

When the Moon Hatched

Author: Sarah A. Parker

  • Release Date: 2024-04-02
  • Genre: Fantasy
Puntuación: 4.5
De 36 Valoraciones

"In the fascinating world of literature, we find When the Moon Hatched, a book that promises to transport us to unknown, exciting worlds full of adventure. With endearing characters and unexpected twists, this book invites us to immerse ourselves in its pages and live unique and enriching. With a captivating narrative style and an immersive plot, When the Moon Hatched gives us moments of introspection, learning and entertainment. From the smallest to the oldest, When the Moon Hatched is a book that promises to satisfy all tastes and awaken unforgettable emotions and reflections in us Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this incredible literary journey that When the Moon Hatched has in store for you!"



The bestselling phenomenon, When the Moon Hatched, is a fast-paced fantasy romance featuring an immersive, vibrant world with mysterious creatures, a unique magic system, and a love that blazes through the ages.

The Creators did not expect their beloved dragons to sail skyward upon their end. To curl into balls just beyond gravity’s grip, littering the sky with tombstones. With moons. They certainly did not expect them to FALL.

As an assassin for the rebellion group Fíur du Ath, Raeve’s job is to complete orders and never get caught. When a rival bounty hunter turns her world upside down, blood spills, hearts break, and Raeve finds herself imprisoned by the Guild of Nobles—a group of powerful fae who turn her into a political statement.

Crushed by the loss of his great love, Kaan Vaegor took the head of a king and donned his melted crown. Now on a tireless quest to quell the never-ebbing ache in his chest, he is lured by a clue into the capitol’s high-security prison where he stumbles upon the imprisoned Raeve …

Echoes of the past race between them.

There’s more to their story than meets the eye, but some truths are too poisonous to swallow.

"A wild ride that thrills as much as it enchants . . . This remarkable book is an instant classic.” — Thea Guanzon, New York Times bestselling author of The Hurricane Wars

“When The Moon Hatched breathes new, beautiful life into the genre, as Sarah A. Parker weaves lyrical prose with undeniable chemistry. I laughed, I cried, I got everything out of this. It’s an absolutely stunning fantasy world that everyone should sink their teeth into.” — Raven Kennedy, internationally bestselling author of The Plated Prisoner series 


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