Convenience Store Woman - Sayaka Murata & Ginny Tapley Takemori

Convenience Store Woman

Author: Sayaka Murata - Ginny Tapley Takemori

Puntuación: 3.5
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Convenience Store Woman is a book that leaves no one indifferent. With a captivating narrative and unforgettable characters, this work invites the reader to immerse themselves in a world full of emotion, mystery and adventure. Whether it is a novel, a children's story, a technical book or a philosophical treatise, Convenience Store Woman has the ability to captivate any type of audience. With clear and precise language, this book offers the possibility of learning, reflecting and dreaming, becoming an enriching experience for anyone who dares to open its pages. Discover everything Convenience Store Woman has to offer you and let yourself be carried away by its magic!


Meet Keiko.

Keiko is 36 years old. She's never had a boyfriend, and she's been working in the same supermarket for eighteen years.

Keiko's family wishes she'd get a proper job. Her friends wonder why she won't get married.

But Keiko knows what makes her happy, and she's not going to let anyone come between her and her convenience store...


  • Convenience Store Woman

    Autor: Cgriff39
    It’s a great little book. It’s funny and absolutely mad and yet reveals some absolute truths about our so called society...I really enjoyed it...