First Strike - The 21st Spider Shepherd Novel - Stephen Leather

First Strike - The 21st Spider Shepherd Novel

Author: Stephen Leather

Welcome to the fascinating world of First Strike - The 21st Spider Shepherd Novel, where each page is an adventure to discover. In this book you will find a captivating story that will transport you to distant places and make you experience intense emotions. The characters will come to life before your eyes and will make you laugh, cry and dream of an ending full of surprises. Whether you're looking for entertainment, knowledge or inspiration, First Strike - The 21st Spider Shepherd Novel has something for everyone. Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique experience that will mark your heart forever. Don't miss the opportunity to delve into First Strike - The 21st Spider Shepherd Novel and let your imagination fly!


MI5 Officer David White has always tried to be a good father, so when his daughters want to go to a music festival in Israel, he agrees to take them. But his world falls apart when his daughters are killed in the Hamas massacre that left 1,200 innocent civilians dead.

White is taken hostage down in the tunnels under Gaza, and Dan 'Spider' Shepherd and a crack SAS team are sent in to rescue him.

Safely back in London, White is a changed man. He wants revenge for what happened to his family and sets out to kill the men who planned and financed the Hamas attacks.

And as White embarks on a vengeance-driven killing spree, Shepherd is the only man who can stop him.

Praise for Stephen Leather:

He has the uncanny knack of producing plots that are all too real — Daily Mail
The sheer impetus of his storytelling is damned hard to resist. — Daily Express
A master of the thriller genre. —Irish Times


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