Keir Starmer - Tom Baldwin

Keir Starmer

Author: Tom Baldwin

In the book Keir Starmer we enter a world full of mystery, adventure and learning. Through its pages, readers will discover fascinating characters, exciting stories, and teachings that will lead them to reflect and grow. This book invites us to get lost in its pages and let ourselves be enveloped by the magic of literature. With each chapter, we immerse ourselves in new and exciting universes that transport us to distant places and make us daydream. Keir Starmer is a work that captures us from the first moment and takes us on an unforgettable journey full of surprises and emotions. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Keir Starmer and discover a world of infinite possibilities!



'This will be the most important political book of the year’ MATTHEW D’ANCONA, EVENING STANDARD

'The first serious and consistently readable biography of Starmer…It is a wonder that he has said so much to Baldwin' PATRICK MAGUIRE, THE TIMES

This authoritative – but not authorised – biography by Tom Baldwin provides answers by drawing deeply on many hours of interviews with the Labour leader himself, as well as unprecedented access to members of his family, his oldest friends and closest colleagues.

Together, they tell an unexpectedly intimate story filled with feelings of grief and love that has driven him on more than any rigid ideology or loyalty to a particular faction.

The book tracks Starmer’s emergence from a troubled small town background and rebellious youth, through a storied legal career as a human rights barrister and the country’s chief prosecutor, to becoming an MP relatively late in life.

Baldwin provides a vivid and compelling account of how this untypical politician then rose to be leader of his party in succession to Jeremy Corbyn, then transformed it with a ruthless rapidity that has enraged opponents from the left just as much as it has bewildered those on the right.

Above all, this is a book that should be read by anyone who wants to understand how someone who has too often been underestimated or dismissed as dull, now intends to change Britain.

‘Highly readable… Baldwin has peeled back more layers than anyone else' ROBERT SHRIMSLEY, FINANCIAL TIMES

‘Tom Baldwin’s portrait is off a tough, conscientious, and kindly man with the right values' ANDREW MARR, NEW STATESMAN

‘Rigorously researched, lucidly written and highly engaging’ FINTAN O’TOOLE, TLS

‘Baldwin achieves his purpose of making Starmer seem more likable and less boring’ LYNN BARBER, SPECTATOR

‘A highly informative, illuminating and insightful biography… the most complete portrait we have yet been offered’ OBSERVER

About the author

TOM BALDWIN has spent most of his life writing about or working in politics from Westminster to Washington. He began his career on local newspapers before having senior roles for the Sunday Telegraph and The Times. He was the Labour Party’s communications director under Ed Miliband and later helped run a mass campaign for a second referendum on Europe. He lives in London with his family.


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