Author: Tony Parsons

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In the exciting world of literature, we come across a unique and fascinating book titled THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR. This book transports us to a universe of infinite possibilities and invites us to explore new worlds, meet unforgettable characters and live unforgettable adventures. With its captivating narrative and inspiring message, THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR becomes an essential read for those looking to escape the daily routine and immerse themselves in a journey full of emotions and teachings. From the first page to the last, this book will surprise us, excite us and leave us wanting more. Get ready to let yourself be carried away by the magic of THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR and discover a world full of surprises!


CAUTION: This book is addictive. What happens when the people next door know all your secrets - but you know none of theirs? By the number one bestselling author of Man and Boy and the Max Wolfe crime series.

'Everyone needs to buy and read it.' Rob Rinder
'Had me gripped from start to finish.' Jane Fallon
'Creepy, paranoid and shocking.' Alex Michaelides
'Twisty, insightful and completely absorbing.' Celia Walden
'A brilliant, brilliant novel. Incredbily gripping and scary!' Susanna Reid, Good Morning Britain

How well do you know the people next door?

You've moved to your dream home: a gorgeous honey-coloured house in the country.

It's a new beginning: your chance to put the terrible truth of what happened to you in the city behind you.

But your new neighbours have secrets of their own.

Terrifying secrets. Unimaginable secrets.

And when you learn about the previously happy family who lived - and died - in your house, you start to wonder how safe you really are . . .

'Tony Parsons strikes again with a new epic thriller... It's a nail-biter until the end!' That's Life
'A brilliant page-turning thriller.' Piers Morgan
'As elegant and vivid as ever' Daily Mail
'Builds like a Hitchcock classic' Peterborough Telegraph
'This one will keep you guessing' Heat
'The sort of thriller you could read again and again' Belfast Telegraph
'A creepy tale of a couple whose move to the country, to what they'd hoped was their little corner of paradise, turns into a nightmare' Choice

Readers are loving The People Next Door ...

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***** 'Great storytelling, tension-filled and very enjoyable.'
***** 'Tony Parsons hooked me from the first few chapters, and I found it really hard to put down, I'd highly recommend it to any thriller lovers.'
***** 'This book really twists and turns in a way that I love. I really enjoyed this book and would not hesitate to recommend it!'
***** 'I couldn't leave the book for a minute until I'd discovered how it would all end ... A brilliant book.'


  • Waste of my time!

    Autor: Sassylou00
    All the hype for a total rubbish ending!